On the Road, searching for Sanity (1)

The titel of this first Blog of more Blogs was handed over to me by Janos Martin, Founder of the Living Museum in Queens, New York. He has been telling me over and over again to write a book. A book that goes by this awesome name. Because I travel the World, because I meet a lot of people and because I visit a lot of programs, institutes and foundations. Because he thinks I should write a book about it.

Since I am working relentless on other things and never found the time to write this book, maybe this is a good start. I will be posting On the Road, searching for Sanity Blogs from today on.

If it’s interessant enough, that’s for you to decide.

For now, I am offering you these stories and knowledge for free.

Since I make a living with 60% of my working hours and do voluntary work for 40% of my time, I invite you to donate to my foundations whenever you feel like it. That money goes to people who need the money and resources more then I do. Thus, this is one of my ways to make this World a World that works for everybody.

The chapters of this online book will be on Mental Health issues and Recovering from that. About provoking creative and innovative processes within Mental Health. I run a few (voluntary) foundations and they all have this line as their mission. It means that I can work and write in the most broad sense of the word(s).

Enjoy, because I surely will do just that. Traveling and writing at midnight on a deserted AirPort, armed with a MacBook Pro and the comfort of wireless WIFI: life just does not get any better.

I hope to reach out to you from places I never expected to go.

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  1. Dear Rokus,
    Good plan, I like to follow your writings.
    I am following you and your mission since a few years and I sure hope I can come in touch with you when time and place are coming together in our lives.
    Thanks for sharing.

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