The Youth Living Museum of Heart Sounds in Kampala, Uganda or ‘Show me the Money!’ (Jerry McGuire/Tom Cruise)

My friend Harry Gras and his wife, Lisette are currently in Uganda, working as a Volunteer for the Program Help Her International. They will stay there for three months, untill September 12th.

They meet wonderful people every single day. Rokus Loopik turns their meetings and conversations into a Podcast episode of the Kantelcast. You can find this Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Springcast.

Recently Harry met the Young Ones. Three young men, Patrick, James and Elijah, who started the Youth Living Museum of Heart Sounds Foundation. James is the son of Joseph Atakunda. Joseph is a person with lived experience and a Powerful Peer and Advocate for people that deal with mental health issues. He recently retired and the Young Ones decided to start of where Joseph stepped out.

They do great work, but they lack a building, a Community Center from which they can send their Mission and Vision into The World. The rent for such a building costs €250 per month, €3000 on a yearly basis.

Harry, Lisette and Rokus decided to help them out. And for that we need money. We are not going to ask you to donate (nevertheless also possible), but we want to give you something in return for your generous donation. As said, we (The Young Ones) need €3000 for the payment of rent for one year.

In order to collect this amount of euro’s I will be selling a couple of my Living Museum paintings. Yes, the ones that mean The World to me. My heart is in these paintings, because I met the Artist and I know the story behind the painting. And it took some effort to be able to buy them.

If you are interested, let me know. When you buy the paintings, you will get the story attached to it. On paper, lively written out by me.

Oh yes, you have to know I will NOT sell them for less then €3000, because that is what we, Patrick, Elijah and James need. Know that you will be the owner of three special Living Museum Paintings from Moldova and New York and that the Young Ones can start their very own Living Museum in Kampala with your donation.

We thank you with everything we have and to be specific, from our hearts.

So, which painting am I talking about? And what can I tell about them for this moment?

Made by an Artist from Chisinau, Moldova, at a young age, being a student at an Art Academy
Made by the same artist from Chisinau, Moldova (different and amazing story).
Painted by John Tursi, an Artist from the Living Museum, New York.

And hey, if you are hesitating because of the lac of the story behind the painting, just reach out to me and I will reveil the story to you. That is, if you are serious about buying the paintings.

Thank you so much up front and hope to hear from you soon!

Rokus, Patrick, James, Elijah, Harry and Lisette


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