Miss Maude’s

10 times during my 25 Learning Experiences to New York City for Peers, Professionals and Policy Makers I ended the trip at Miss Maude’s at 138 St, a renowned soul food restaurant. I always wondered how the similar restaurant Miss Mamie’s would be. I went there tonight and found out.
The wonderful waitress on the left first told me my favourite dish ‘Jerk Chicken was sold out. Next they were out of ‘Candied Yams’ too! I was devastated, delusional, my whole world fell apart at that very moment. We had almost finished our second choice – Smothered Chicken and Salmon, when she came up with two bowls of Yams. She made my evening. We paid the bill, and I told the man at the counter that yes, indeed, after tonight Miss Maude’s was still my favourite. “Why?” “Because they are never out of Jerk!” He walked into the kitchen and see what came out of his high hat?
“A little of Jamaica here in Harlem” Jerk Chicken and “Don’t leave without it” Red Velvet Cake. Now we know where to go next time. Miss Mamie’s is the best. If only I’d asked for their names. See you in October.

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