Christer, Hilde and Housing First. It’s a Love Thing.

Agreed, these are confrontating pictures. But, no worries, this story ends being a Feel Good Love and Recovery Story. About two people who hit Rock Bottom. Who found Recovery, Housing First, Victory and Love not so very long ago.

I met Christer and Hilde in 2016, on the 2nd of June at 15.25 hours, in their cosy home in Stavanger. Their Housing First Team asked me to meet these two Wonder- and Powerful people.

Back in the days they struggled with addiction and as said in other words, walking into a dead end street. One day, in 2015, they were included in the Stavanger Housing First Program, one year before we met for the 1st time, in their new home.

In 2018 I invited them to perform with me on a Conference stage in their home town.

They told me it meant a lot to them, as it did for me. It meant The World to be honest.

Today, April 1st 2022, Christer texted me the following message:

Today I was employed in a 100 percent position in Housing First Stavanger as an experience consultantšŸ„³  Feels fantasticšŸ¤© Thank you for believing in usā¤ļø

Dear Christer and Hilde, I congratulate you with this wonderful achievement and position. And yes, I believed you could do it.

Sit back in your chair, log in to Spotify and find this song, Thinking of a Place by the band The War on Drugs. Close your eyes, listen to the music and lyrics. Listen to the steel guitar, the violins, the synth’s, the mandoline, like I did this afternoon and when the guitar starts crying, taste the Sweet Victory of the Love between you both and your personal War on Drugs. The Battle that you have won.

Don’t think the song is over at 5 minutes and 6 seconds, because that is where the good part starts. The Story of your Love and Recovery.

Have a great evening and celebration. I am with you in my mind and heart.

Just see it through my eyes
Love me like no other
Hold my hand as something turns to me
Turns me into you
Turning me into you

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