We all have an accident scene to move on from

Judith Lengkeek
 is an ambassador of the Living Museum. She is a special person who travels the world in search of rendition, community and a World that works for everybody, if I may be so free to state that. 

She visited Meet the Xperts in Antwerp, Belgium, in 2016. Anne Tallegrand-Cajuste was one of the speakers. She rocked the building and the audience with her TedTalk. 

Judith was inspired by her, as where 700 people with her. So inspired, she made this short video. A mix of her travels through the world and the words of Anne.

I found this video by coincidence, going through some old hard discs. Lucky me. 

Thank you Judith Lengkeek and Anne Tallegrand-Cajuste, for these beautiful words and images, wherever you are in this world!

Astare Zorg

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