Nika and Elena

A story on Christmas, homelessness in Bucharest and -20 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow Harry Gras will finish the latest and countless Gras/Loopik Learning Experiences we made to Romania, Bucharest and Brasov.

Youri, our co-guide and singer-song-writer texted me today that he will come home tomorrow as ‘a new person’. This experience made an everlasting experience on him.

It brought me back to the many moments and highlights Harry and I have experienced in this city, working with our friends from SamuSocial.

One night we were in the back of the car, coming back from doing Outreach, in search of homeless individuals. Our ears were falling off.

It was that cold.

We asked Nika and Elena, our local SamuSocial Hero’s, some questions.

The only thing that existed was us, Elena, Nika, the car, the cars, the X-mas lights outside. Bucharest is our favorite December City. They light up the city with thousands of lights. It is and was magic. To be amongst hero’s, is never to forget.

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