Most likely to Succeed

An awesome documentary on a revolutionary education program/system in America. A shift in offering young people the opportunity to become the person they want to be. 

Years ago

I was a coach on an Education Institute called Team Academy (originally from Finland). It opened up the World for the students and it opened up mine. Later on this academy evolved in another initiative called I Am College in Amsterdam. 

And it had so many similarities with the world of Mental Health and Recovery from so called mental illness. 

Watch this Doc

And learn from the mistakes that were pushed on to you by traditional education programs and the mistake you made to obey this system. 

Making it possible for people to learn means to coach, to shut up and to watch in wonder. Every person has the right to make the wrong decisions and learn from it. Like in Housing First and in the Living Museum. 

dr. Eric Mazur states it clear in this quote:

“If I were to show you a picture of a student taking a test you would recognize it right away. The interesting question is this. Have you ever encountered a situation in your professional life that is similar to this one test?
In real life you have access to any information you want. In real life you can work together with other people. Not only you can, but you probably have too. Otherwise you can’t solve the problems you have to solve. So why is it that we are assessing students and why are we trying to predict student success in the working place by putting them into a situation which they will never, never face in their future careers?”

Watch this Doc

And change your perception on education and recovery from mental illness.

It makes your Sunday Afternoon.

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