This is Sara Goodman

My American Heroes. Number Five.

A woman with a voice like a foghorn. 

The thing is, if that ‘foghorn’ starts to speak, the room lights up, as do the people and anything else present in this room. 
I have never heard and seen anybody that matches her presentation skills. She is a true story teller. She can boost your energy, self esteem and self image in just minutes. 

She faced difficult challenges in her life. And overcame them. She will face more challenges in her life. And will overcome them. 

If you want to know what true Resilience is, catch up with Sara. She is not only LOUD on that recovery quality, the things she says are pure WISDOM. At the end of a conversation with Sara, while trying to get a grip on yourself, you wonder what happened!? Without knowing what really happened, she empowered you and raised your energy level, Sky High. The insights will follow soon. 

Sara is Chief Operating Officer of BALTIC STREET AEH, New York. A very cool, human, creative, peer run institute that serves people in very practical ways. What you see is what you get. They mean serious activity, offering services that really help you, on the spot. 

I am blessed knowing this woman. Blessed to be free to call her my friend. She was in The Netherlands on several occasions (Meet the Xperts) and I am sure everybody who saw and heard her talking about Recovery, will remember her for a long, long time. 

Thanks for being with us Sarissa Goodman. Stay with us. The World needs Leaders like you. Hope to see you soon in Brooklyn! ❤️🍀🕊

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