This is Jim Mutton

Number 4 in the sequential of my All American Friends and Co-workers.

Jim is an Englishman in New York. Yes, he is from just across our water, but has been living in NYC for 30 years, if I am not mistaken. He is All American now, naturalized and all, since a couple of years, living across the Big Water.

Jim works for the Concern for Independent Living.

They have buildings all over New York. And they serve people with multiple challenges with buildings and homes, but also in multiple other ways.
They do that in the most modern fashion. Guiding people back to who they once where, before they ran into challenges, in a most human, respectful and recovery oriented way.

This Concern is always on my list when we visit NYC with groups from The Netherlands and other countries.

Meeting their tenants (everybody has their own amazing apartment!) is always overwhelming. They love telling (recovery) stories, in which they state the importance of what this institute, Jim, Andrea Dogostiano (2nd woman on his left) and all the others workers mean to them. They mean the World.

Apart from all this, Jim is a special person. If you like Tattoo’s, Jazz and Rock Music, Shane McGowan, local Beers, genuine food, the New York Marathon, come and meet Jim on one of our (Gras/Loopik Learning Experiences) Learning Experiences.

Jim has this all English Kindness, a wholehearted individual and worker, always a Gentleman.

In New York.

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