This is Janos Marton

Founder of the Living Museum in Queens, New York, Creedmore Hospital.

Janos is one of those people that ‘hits you like a brick’ once you meet for the first time. Soft, gentle, erudite (a walking philosophy, psychiatry and art encyclopaedia), warm (he always serves herb tea), welcoming, but also ‘sharp’ (a change maker).

Meeting him changed my life, like with so many of my American friends (recovery guru’s). It made me work on a Living Museum Dream in the Netherlands. His wisdom is profound. He guides you through moments of despair in split seconds and with profound coaching techniques. He needs little words to give you miraculous insights.

It was one of the deciding moments, the first time I met him (thanks too Jannet Bonset).

The Living Museum is and will be a home coming for lots of people that face challenges in their lives. It can make them overcome trauma by becoming or awakening the artist they were always meant to be.

If you are in New York the Living Museum is the place to go and visit.

Beware, because it will change your life and perspective on what is possible when talking about overcoming the Mental Health System. You might walk in as a ‘patient’ and come out as an Artist.

“Art Heals. Art is the Way”. Janos Marton

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