This is Ellen Baxter

One of my many American Heroes. CEO of Broadway Housing.

Her Sugar Hill Building is one of my regular and fixed stops at the Gras/Loopik Learning Experiences. Imagine that she based the many buildings they own and run according to a visit she made to the Village of Geel, Belgium, about thirty years ago. 

When you visit Sugar Hill you are overwhelmed by the architecture of the building, the Children’s Museum and the School that is included in this Inclusional Master Piece. 

When given the housing and buildings that people need and wish for, responsibility grows naturally. Every tenant works on inclusion of all people in the neighborhood. 

There are no stigmatizing signs. There is only beautiful Art. And inviting spaces. 

A perfect living space, Broadway Utopia, when speaking of the creation of true Healing Environments for people with many challenges. 

In everything I do, in every building I enter, in every environment where I have a say in how to ‘compose’ it, I think of Ellen’s lessons. 

A visionary woman and worker in a world that produces more and more people who fall through the many cracks of our failing systems. 

Sugar Hill. Broadway Housing. It’s on our agenda in the next November 2019 Learning Experience.

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