Taco’s, Chef’s Table and Philly

You can wake me up for that. Any time, any day, any location.

Starting up my own Tiny Taco Take Away is a big time dream.

So I watch Taco Doc’s on Netflix

To lighten up my days.

The latest one I watched was an episode of Chef’s Table, on the life and stories of Cristina Martinez from Mexico.

Yes, this doc is about Cristina and Barbacoa Taco’s

But more important: it’s a documentary on the power of women, on perseverance, on never giving up, on family bonds, on being a survivor of domestic violence, on love for food, on love for people, on being an advocate for immigrants, on being a human activist and so much more. It will dazzle you.

It might be that I am getting old

But apart from that, it’s the story that brings tears to your eyes. Of joy and wonder. It’s mandatory stuff for health care workers and you, who has nothing to do with that.

Is it about the American Dream?

No, not at all. It’s about how people can overcome poverty, grief, loss, rules, stupid regulations and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

While watching, some street images seemed kind of familiar to me

So, my mind wandered of to the Learning Experiences Harry and I made to this wonderful city of Philadelphia and it’s people.

And then, almost at the end of this wonderful episode, my heart rate goes up a little more.

Because (I could have guessed) our Best Philly Friend appears on my screen.

Erma Maula. Human Rights Activist from Philly.

We share our Love for people with lived experience.

And 🌮’s

Eat Taco’s and experience this Doc.

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