Robert and Juliana, from Vienna

These two wonderful people from Vienna, Robert and Juliana: I carry them in my heart.

They were participants in a couple of my learning experiences. We met for the first time, a long time ago, in Rotterdam, at a conference of the EAOF. Robert joined my city tour, visiting amazing programs in my city of birth.

We stayed friends all this time, although we don’t see each other too often. But we stay connected. ❤️🍀 

Yesterday, checking the bank account of the Living Museum, I found out they donated a substantial amount of money to our account, becoming Ambassadors of our Artist Community and thus supporting the coming years of our healing program.

I thank them, we thank them, whole heartedly, it makes your day in a most profound way, knowing that they are out there in this world. I am one lucky guy, to have friends like Robert and Juliana. Thank you so much. We won’t ever forget. 🙏🏿

I hope to see you in Verona, September 4th till September 8th, at the next EAOF Conference!

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