Ray is Ray

And that’s meant as a compliment for this artist of the Living Museum in Bennebroek. Ray is a very non-complicated and straightforward guy. His workplace happens to be on the same hospital grounds as our museum. Ray is a secretary of GGZinGeest (Mental Health). So, he combines work and artwork very easy. Because Ray is Ray. Is he low on self-esteem? No. Is he mediocre? No. Does Ray brag about himself? No. Ray is Ray and has been with us from the start, back in the days of 2015. Walk into his studio and his colourful inner world opens up for you. It’s a magical place. His work reflects what it means to be a world citizen. He gets his inspiration from lots of sources and wells. Often you can find him in his studio reading books and magazines with soothing music in the background. He travels the world to faraway places. Days or weeks later you notice that he integrated his newly gained inspiration and findings into a new artwork. Ray cherishes his guru’s, his rock stars, his favourite places, his icons. Is he old fashioned? No. They just are part of his life, thoughts, his artwork and his studio. It’s about Nostalgia. We love Ray. As a volunteer, a colleague, a friend, an artist, a world citizen. Because Ray is Ray. Ch🎨ck.

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