Music Heals even a Running Nose

It is 10.30 AM. I am still in bed with a ‘running nose’. Lots of time to go over past gatherings/travels with co-workers and friends. 

Harry Gras is my Pal. We have trained and travelled with many, many people. I consider this the high lights in the past 10 years of my working life. We match. We fit. Like a silk glove.

We never acquiesce in routine. Every training, every journey has to be different, new, creative, refreshing and vibrant. 

The past years our trainings and travels have changed. They have become more intense, more absorbed, more complete.

Through this humble social media message we would like to thank Judy BeeRobin IJzermanYouri LentjesCoen BardelmeijerDaniel Mackler for contributing to what has become Main Events in our professional lives. 

They light up our gatherings with most amazing music and lyrics. They have become true Recovery Ambassadors, true Recovery Coaches. 

You are the best. Just by being present, playing your beautiful songs, introducing your songs with powerful messages and thus helping participants to deal with matters in their personal and professional life. 

Robin will join us again in June, for our next USA Learning Experience. Youri will join me tomorrow and will travel to Bucharest next Sunday, to join Harry and our new Romania Learning Experience. Coen will perform in the Philharmony in Haarlem on the 17th of May (Sold Out) and will be available again after that event. And Judy is rocking the charts with her beautiful songs all over the World. I am sure we will meet again soon. 

Life is awfully pleasant and soothing, having the four of you aside whenever we meet people and groups. 

Thanks again for that. We can’t do without you and your songs anymore. Music Heals. Even a Running Nose. ❤️🍀🤸‍♀️🎼🎤

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