Janos Marton on the concept of the Living Museum

As you might now the Living Museum Concept is expanding and spreading it’s wings all over the World.

There are Living Museums in NYC, Wil, Seoul, Barcelona, Stord, Bennebroek, Vienna, Tysvaer, Tilburg, Eindhoven, Helmond, Cologne, Potsdam, Graz and lots of other cities are developing their Living Museum.

Once you stepped in one of the Living Museums in the World you might find yourself caught by the idea to start one yourself.

That’s one of the beautiful parts of it: you can start doing that from today on. It’s the clever thing to do.

Art softens the soul. It builds bridges, between people, between communities. It will transform you from a person with low self esteem into a ‘crazy artist’.

Art is healing: making it, watching it, experiencing it. Make sure you have some time on your hands. Slow down. Ease into the conversation, with what you are watching/making.

Watch this short video. Find the Founder of the Living Museum, Janos Marton speaking on what the Living Museum means for him, the World and his artists.

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