From Verona to Bennebroek in one morning

The 2nd ECPR training was progressing when I walked in. It’s funny, but sometimes you can feel energy swirling through a space when you walk in and enter a building. A lot of Peer Experts and Friends joined this second ECPR training of this memorable week. 

Were they tired? Yes. Was it emotional? Yes. Was it heart to heart? Yes. Did it make a lasting impression? Yes. Were they happy? Yes. Would they do it again? Yes!

Thank you so much Karin, Joan, Daniel B Fisher and Oryx Cohen, for a wonderful and profoundly learning week. It was great to have you with us en honorable to host this training in the Living Museum. A thank you too for our volunteers, Sazz GriekspoorKees KarstensMargo van Strijp, Marco, Ronald, Monica, Ingrid ZeegersEric te Wechel!

We hope to meet and greet again in the future, wether in our Museum or in Boston!

Safe travels to Poland and back to Boston!

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