Agenda Learning Experiences in 2018

  1. January 18th 2018. Visiting a ‘drug free ward’ van een psychiatrisch ziekenhuis in Tromsö, way up North in Norway. Hope to see the Northern Lights the day before! Voor een kort verslag van deze reis: FB
  2. All through the year. Traveling to Moldova about 7 times with the Trimbos Moldova. We are reforming Mental Health in this wonderful country.
  3. March 2nd till March 11th 2018, Richard Pulice will come to the Netherlands for a Learning Experience (LE). Thirteen students will be in his group. Rokus Loopik will organize working visits for the week. The group will be staying in Haarlem for the week and traveling all over the country. Registration is closed. This is a private group.
  4. April 11th till April 15th 2018. A Learning Experience for 30 people from Norway. In collaboration with Jorunn Fotland, Husbanken/Norway. Three days of working visits and leisure time in the Netherlands. Registration is closed. This is a private group.
  5. April 15th till April 20th 2018. A Learning Experience (LE) to London. In collaboration with Anke Janssen. This will be the 3rd LE to London. Registration is open.
  6. May 1st till May 9th. An APA Learning Experience to New York with workers from GGZ Breburg and the Salvation Army Amsterdam. Registration is open. Nog een paar plaatsen beschikbaar.
  7. June 10th till June 13th 2018. RACT (Resource Assertive Community Treatment) LE to Goteborg, Sweden. In collaboration with Frits Bovenberg/Resilience+. This is the 3rd RACT Learning Experience to Sweden. We will learn everything about RACT in these three days. Registration is open. Nog een paar plaatsen beschikbaar.
  8. June 17th till June 24th 2018. A Learning Experience in Boston, Burlington, Poughkeepsie and New York City. In collaboration with Harry Gras. We lost count on how many trips we made to the USA. More then 600 people have joined us. If you want to meet the Leaders of Peer Support Programs, Housing First, Respites, Community Centers, Peer Education Programs, Art Communities, join us. This is a classical Road Trip. We will fly to Boston and from there cover the USA by car, visiting the best of Peer Driven Programs on the East Coast of the USA. Registration is open. Nog een paar plaatsen beschikbaar.
  9. September 1st till September 8th 2018. The 1st Learning Experience to Moldova for Peers, Professionals and Policy Makers. Harry Gras and Rokus Loopik have been working for the Trimbos Institute in this country for more then a year. We are planning to create an NGO and open a Recovery Center in the village of Moscovei with donors from the USA, Norway and the Netherlands. This trip will take us to Bucharest. From there we will travel by night train to Chisinau, the capitol city of Moldova. We will visit various programs and community health centers in this city. From that moment our LE will transform into a True Road Trip. We will travel to the city of Cahul by car. There we will visit a community health center. Next on the program is our Recovery Center in the village of Moscovei, on the grounds of a former Psychiatric Hospital. We will stay there for a couple of days in the Recovery Center. From there we will cross the border with Romania and drive back to Bucharest. It’s adventure, it’s a thrill, this 1st LE to Moldova. Registration is open. For people who want to learn how to organize a Learning Experience from A to Z, this is the trip to join! Join us for a country you have never imagined to visit. Registration is open. Nog een paar plaatsen beschikbaar.
  10. September/October 2018. A Learning Experience to Norway. This is a private journey. A special assignment by Husbanken, Bergen.
  11. October 2018 (27th October/November 3rd). A Learning Experience to New York with a group of entrepreneurs. This is a private group.
  12. November 2018. A Spiritual Learning Experience to Thailand. This will be a learning experience with personal leadership as our main goal. It’s an experience for people with lived experience. Home work is included (writing your personal recovery story). Registration is open.
  13. December 2018. A Learning Experience to Bucharest and other cities in Romania. Harry Gras has been traveling to this country more then 20 times. I joined him during the last 7 trips. We support our friends from SamuSocial with these trips. They serve the multiple homeless individuals in this city. It’s a roller coaster. Nothing you have ever experienced before. Registration is open.
  14. Herstelvakantie naar de Bourgogne, Moldavië en Montenegro. Check deze pagina.