About Stephan and 365 days of pure hell

Meeting Marinus and Stephan at Concordia. A Supported Housing/Shelter Program for 66 people, men and women. In the winter time they house about a 100 people. There is just room for 60. It’s a metaphor for doing a lot with little means and resources. Stephan (the second person on the right) was our Hero of the day. He survived the streets of Bucharest for a year.

“It was 365 days of pure hell. I don’t have a picture on how I looked back then. I am very happy about that. I don’t want to know.”

-What was the reason why you hooked on to the program of Concordia?
-Marinus hugged me. That was it.

Listen to the special X-mas and New Years Wishes for all you listeners.


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