A Sustainable Inclusion, Crack the System and Anti-Stigma Pilgrimage in 45 days.

Next Year, in June, I will be heading for Santiago de Compostela on my electric bike, as an attempt to gain attention for the inclusion of people with complex Mental Health Challenges in our society.

I am hoping to attract partners and sponsors who are willing to support and donate to this challenge. And thus Work on a World that works for Everybody with me.

Along the trip I will meet people and visit institutes and interview people on this honorable topic. I will write stories for my partners and sponsors.

Once back home, I will write a book on my experiences. Every week people can chat with me through the ZOOM Medium for a Q and A. Also, people can send me into The World with a special assignment. Anything is possible.

Is it a challenge? Yes, it’s a big challenge. But, I am in for it. Ready to make a difference. In the end, is there anything better than meeting new people and making new friends? I don’t think so.

Are you ready? I am ready. Let’s go. (Usain Bolt)


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  1. Leuk Rokus, Ik zit er ook over te denken mijn tweede Compostelo te gaan wandelen volgend jaar! Je komt zeker vol met verhalen terug! Ik volg graag je avontuur ernaar toe en tijdens. Groetjes, Guiselaine

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