A LEAP Learning Experience to New York, 2020

In 2020 Harry Gras (systeemspecialist)and Rokus (LEAP Trainer) are organizing a special LEAP (Listen, Empathize, Acknowledge, Partner/dr. Xavier Amador) Learning Experience.

This is an experience for Family Members of people with a vulnerability for psychosis.

This experience includes a two day training by dr. Xavier Amador, co-facilitated by Harry and Rokus.

There will also be two additional days of working visits at innovative programs in New York City. This experience lasts for 7 days (two days of traveling, two days of LEAP, two days working visits and two days free time).

A free copy of Xavier’s book (translated in Dutch) and instruction video’s are included.

Dates will be planned according to the wishes of participants and the agenda of dr. Xavier Amador. 

Send rokus@icloud.com an email for more information.

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